What is the Biodynamie?


To work in Biodynamie, it is to get closer, to understand, to estimate the needs for the vegetable, in its natural, climatic environment and its “terroir”, to anticipate as we can make it with the homoeopathy to find our balance.

But let us return to the vineyard and its annual cycle!

The development of the root, by its presence in grounds, stays a major element. The application of the Dung of Horn, said 500, helps to stimulate the microbial life necessary to endow the nature reserves of plants.

In the vegetable shoot, in the spring, the contribution of silica 501 helps the foliage to get the luminous intensity, the source of heat, and the moonlight.

The lunar cycles have an impact of the most remarkable, first leaves in the grape harvests. A total implication in these ground and lunar movements allows interventions in the best moments, susceptible to compensate for vagaries of the weather.

To support needs and compensate for the deficiencies of the vine and its grapes, contributions of herb teas are realized: Horsetail, Stinging nettles, Dandelions, Valerian, …

Rather complex certainly, but it is always about observation to the everyday life of the nature, about cycles of the seasons, in contact with the meteorological factors.

Work, yes, but the pleasure certainly, but which result to feel during the tastings, the reward of this benevolence brought to our vineyard.



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